KSGL was started in 1977 by five area men who saw the lack of Christian radio in Wichita.  They formed the partnership Agape Communications and bought 900 AM.  KSGL was born and on the air in July of '77.  The programming consisted of teaching programs and Christian music. 

In 1989 then General Manager and partner Ed Toles was bought out by the other last remaining partners, Norbert and Lanore Atherton and their daughter and son-in-law, Don and Karen Clifford.  This is when Terry Atherton came on board from KAKE-TV to become the new General Manager.

In 1997 the partners along with Terry and Hazel Atherton purchased 1410 AM and started KMYR the 'Music You Remember' station.  This station filled a void in the Wichita market for Adult Standards.  On Saturday, May 31, 2003 KMYR suffered a major fire that destroyed the transmittor and the building that housed it.  KMYR was off the air for one week while emergency equipment could be found.  Thanks to our wonderful engineer, Larry Waggoner, KMYR was back on the air the next Friday.  The official cause of the fire was never determined, but was thought to be due to electrical wiring.

In December of 2005 an offer was made to purchase 1410 AM.  It was decided that the 'Music You Remember' should continue in Wichita, but would be moved to AM 900 and KSGL's format would retain some of its Christian teaching content, but the music would be KMYR's old format.  There are several other Christian radio stations in the Wichita market, but there is nothing else like the 'Music You Remember'.